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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Riverside Art Trade & Supply Swap

May 25, 2014 @ Riverside Art Museum
12:00pm - 4:00pm
All Ages / Free

Riverside Art Trade is a community trade event geared toward artists. Similar to Riverside Artswalk’s Artist Vendor Lot, artists will be setting up to display their artwork at the Riverside Art Museum. Artists will be encouraged to trade their art with each other, other artists and the community for artwork, art supplies, services and more. No money will be exchanged on the premises, all monetary exchanges will have to be handled privately and off RAM property.

Along with the art trade, there will also be an art supply swap with a “Take One, Leave One” policy. If you have extra art supplies laying around your art studio, bring them along and see if you can swap it for something your studio is missing.

A member of Nathaniel Osollo’s Art Friends (a Riverside Art Make project) has volunteered to be body painted during the event. The anonymous member’s view of the activities will be broadcasted live with highly advanced technological devices implanted deep into it’s brain.

Jeff Soto
Cosme Cordova - Curating Art Shows & Community Events
Annie Knight - DIY Publishing
Jeff Ribaudo
Nathaniel Osollo - DIY Comics
Nick Bahula - Free Arts Movement
Christopher Boyle - Low Budget Podcasting

Artist Trading Posts:
Marco Rached / SPRFKR, Still Life Press, Collaboration X, Hip-O Clothing, Dark Mouse Comics, Dave Warner, Meagan Boyd, Hello Charlotte Joy, Mutestur, Gilberto Sanchez, Jerm Ex


Thom Stansell & Sierra LaPoint - Circosthesia: Performance, Juggling & More.
Nathaniel Osollo - Art Friend Paint Jam & Live Web Broadcast by Nerdpop.

Amanda Millar: Make A Baby Face
Jeff Ribaudo: Scrap Paper Quilt
Nick Bahula: Photo Transfers On Wood
Nerdpop: Free Draw TablesJovi Esquivel: Book Folding & Collage

@ Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501  

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