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Draw Me - Saturation Fest Baby Head Templates

No more waiting for next year's festival to draw your version of Riverside's favorite cartoon baby head. Saturation Fest's popular DIY mascot drawing project is available here as a free and easy to use printable download, via a Google Drive share link.

  • Choose your template from the options below
  • Click the download link
  • A new window will open with your template
  • Click the print or download icons in the top right corner, no sign in required.
  • Wait, what the heck is this?
Oh, just some legal mumbo-jumbo.

If you would like to add your creation to the Baby Head archive, just fill in the blanks and sign your baby art away to charity!

We are blown away and truly inspired by all of the amazing artworks we've received over the past 4 (or is it 5?) years. Your art donations have provided us with a massive collection of Baby Head art, which is slowly making it's way onto t-shirts, buttons and zines. These community created art products have helped raise money for our annual Do-It-Yourself art and music festival. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please send submissions and questions here.

For inspiration, check out #vivalababyhead on Instagram and use the # to share your creation with the community.

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