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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The one and only SATURATION FEST 2014

That's right babes, Saturation Fest is back at it again.

Saturation is a DIY (do it yourself) art and music festival that occurs annually in Riverside, CA. Events are held at venues around downtown Riverside, with a majority of the participants based in the Inland Empire. This year Saturation Fest will be held May 23 - 25, 2014. Saturation includes concerts, films, workshops, exhibitions, guerilla shows, organized bike rides, and handcrafted art.
 As a mostly all-ages and largely cost-free festival, Saturation pushes for the de-commodification of culture, concentrating instead on the value of the experience. Saturation is a Do-It-Yourself festival, meaning that it is participant-created. Organizers work behind the scenes to connect venues, performers, artists, art vendors, event curators and volunteers.

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