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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Digitalism | NEUNEU | 2013

Flier Art By Colson Knight

A Collection of Works Celebrating the Creative Process Through a Neo-Contemporary Prism.
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11th, 6p-9p.
Hosted by the SCA Project Gallery in Pomona Ca.
281 S. Thomas St. 3104
Featured Artists:
Art By Dan Nguyen

Digitalism is a part of everyday experience. We are now wired together to a degree never imagined possible. The increasing speed of technological sophistication has made powerful devices available to even the most common person. Today, due simply to the availability and affordability of the necessary tools, more people are making music and art than ever before. In fact, the average consumer can easily download MIDI software to replicate high-end analog instruments for a tiny fraction of the costs, financial and otherwise.

Gift Prints, Courtesy of Andrew Barsoum & Prints On Wood.

Analog purists will always claim that “it’s not the same”, and they’re right. Digital artists are not painters, photographers, or sculptures. Digital artists are mixed media artists, capable of utilizing the different elements of all previous movements and processes. The digital medium “is not the same.” It’s flexible, and in constant flux. New technology is constant, new uses are innovated, and new influences are reaching new audiences and completely transforming and shaping cultures and societies all over the world.
This year’s NEUNEU show highlights Digitalism by featuring a cross section of artists that are utilizing this new terrain of art making.

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